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Ye Dil Mera Drama Cast

Ahad Raza Mir as Amanullah Khan aka Amaan (Main Male Lead)
Sajal Aly as Noor-ul-Ain Khan aka Aina (Main Female Lead)
Adnan Siddiqui as Mir Farooq Zaman (Main Antagonist)
Zarnish Khan as Humaira, Amaanullah’s mother
Mira Sethi as Neelofer Farooq
Farhan Ali Agha as Ghauri
Paras Masroor as Ali Bakhsh
Rabia Butt as Sahira
Mariam Mirza as Ghauri’s wife
Adnan Qureshi as Ubaidullah, Amaanullah’s father
Yahya Ahmad as Ibrahim
Naima Khan as Nargis Bua
Syed Mohammad Ahmed as Dr.Arsalan (Anna’s Doctor)


Raat raa main raaz raaz main
Dil kahye kya kya
Sath sath main baat kay sily
Mila rahe kya kya
Hawaon main ghuli hain teri aahaten
Magar dooriyaan saje howe hain
Kahaniyou kay sath chaltay
Jaise muddatein see howe hain
Bhare vbhare juda juda
Teri tarah mujhe laga

Tera nahi ya dil mera
Tujhe say hain ya ja mila…

Alas if things were that simple. The plot is very complex and has every shade of human emotions.
You name it, and there we are watching, Ye Dil Mera with intrigue and interest. The script is mind blowing, the story is dark to say the least and the acting from the cast is out of the ordinary.

The story starts with Mir Farooq and his beloved only daughter, Ana, who dotes upon her. Despite being an only child of an extremely wealthy father, Ana is simple, innocent and trusting.
She’s pursuing her degree in Chemical Engineering and is a happy go lucky girl till she meets Aman.
Aman starts wooing her relentlessly and she falls for him eventually.

After the initial hesitation, Mir Farooq gives into his daughter’s insistance of marrying Aman, without much probe.

Aman and Ana, both are mentally and emotionally traumatised people.
Ana suffers from nightmares and Aman suffers from extreme mood swings.

Ana who’s brought up by her ayah, Bua ji starts her married life in Aman’s palatial home.
Unbeknownst to her Aman is holding a grudge against her father.
The story unfolds step by step opening up the dark secrets of their past.

Mir Farooq and Aman’s mother Humaira were college mates and Farooq had proposed to her, which had declined to marry Obaid.
Destiny brings them together as kids Aman and Ana become friends and subsequently their mothers too.
Upon sering his lost love Farooq tries to convince Humara to leave Obaid and marry him.

He tries to molest her after sending her husband away on a false pretext, but fails.
In anger and frustration, he alongwith his trusted aide Ali Bakhsh shoots the couple and their small baby girl.
Aman watches all this and escapes.

He’s later sent to London to his abusive uncle and returns to take revenge.
He returns with his late aunt’s millions and an oil rig.
The secret of the murder of Ana’s mother’s death is yet to be revealed.

So far Mir Farooq is guilty of 4 murders.
Abid, Humara, Ashu and his secret second wife Sahira. When, how and why was his own wife Nilopher murdered, is yet to unfold.

The story is magnificent and very intriguing.
The direction by Ahson Talish is remarkable.
The story is by Farhat Ishtiaq.
The acting by the entire cast is truly praiseworthy.
Adnan Siddiqui as Mir Farooq, is debonair as a millionaire. Suave and ruthless.
Sajal Aly as Ana is just right for her role. Innocent, vulnerable and yet strongly supportive.
It’s the performance of a lifetime by Ahad Raza Mir as Aman/Mani that is sterling.
His change of expressions, the shades of love, longing and intense hatred with total helplessness is heartbreaking.
He’s an artist par excellence.
Paras Masroor as Ali Bakhsh and Naina Khan as Nargis Bua are truly superb in their roles.
Meera Sethi as Nilopher Farooq is good.

Those who love suspense and intrigue, must watch Ye Dil Mera.
So far it has garnered 4.5 stars.
The cast is as follows.

Written By Sulekha Pande

Ye Dil Mera Drama Review

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