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Thora Sa Haq Drama Review Story so far – Pakistani

Thora Sa Haq Drama Review
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Thora Sa Haq Drama Review Story so far Pakistani Ost Lyrics sung by Shafqat Amanat Ali and directed by Ahmed Bhatti. Thora Sa Haq Drama Review Story so far cast includes Ayeza Khan , Imran Abbas, Mashal Khan,Saba Faisal ,Behroz Sabzwari, Firdous Jamal ,Nida Mumtaz ,Hina Sheikh & Others.

Thora Sa Haq Drama Review Story so far

The cast of Thora Sa Haq is as follows:

Ayeza Khan as Seher
Imran Abbas as Zamin
Mashal Khan as Hareem
Saba Faisal as Rabia
Behroz Sabzwari as Waqar
Firdous Jamal as Iftikhar
Nida Mumtaz
Shan Baig as Rafay
Hina Sheikh as Shamsa
Saba Zahid as Zobia
Mehmood Akhter as Aijaz

Written by: Adele Razzak
Directed by: Ahmed Bhatti
OST: Shafqat Amanat Ali

Aired on: ARY Digital.

Thora sa toh haq mera tujhpe rehne de piya,
Jhoot mooth hi sahi par apna kahne de piya.

In the matters of love, it’s purely destiny that decides the pairing of a couple.
Those who are destined to be with us, come close, and the rest are blown away like dry leaves from our lives.

Sometimes you are stuck very unexpectedly with people you don’t want or had never imagined about.

Thora Sa Haq, the latest blockbuster drama from ARY Digital depicts this beautifully.
The treatment of the drama is very sophisticated and the look is elegant.
The acting is too good and the story is engaging from the first episode itself.
The story revolves around three cousins.
Seher, Zamin and Hareem.

Ayeza Khan as Seher looks beautiful and vulnerable, Imran Abbas as Zamin looks dashing and Mashal Khan as Hareem is really impressive. Especially because she is not a seasoned actress.

The story of Thora Sa Haq starts with establishing the relationship between Zamin and Hareem’s betrothal.

Their parents are happy to engage them as they have grown up together and love each other.

Zamin and Hareem’s fathers are brothers and they live in the same house.
The business belongs to Hareem’s father and Zamin and his father help in.

Naturally as the household belongs to Iftekhar and Rabia, Hareem’s parents, Rabia dominates the game and dictates her terms to all.
Running the home with an iron hand.

The brothers also have an estranged youngest brother.
Aijaz, who is no more part of the trio of brothers.
He had married Rabia’s sister who had died in penury.

Rabia has not forgiven him for that, holding him responsible for her sister’s death.

Aijaz invites his brothers for Seher’s impending wedding, to Hyderabad, and Zamin along with his father Waqar go to attend the wedding.
Aijaz suffers a heart attack due to the refusal of the groom’s family for dowry and somehow Zamin ends up marrying Seher.

They come back after the burial of Aijaz and keep the marriage a secret.
After a turn of events the secret of the marriage cones out, and Hareem still marries Zamin despite knowing it.

Seher endures an enormous amount of humiliation and heartache, she is kicked out and goes back to Hyderabad.

The tug of war continues and is still going on after much water has flown under the bridge.
The concluding weeks will finally seal the three destinies.

What happens at the end, remains to be seen.
The acting by all is really remarkable and the chemistry between the lead pair is sizzling.
Saba Faisal looks stunning and beautiful.
Her role, played to perfection.

Written By Sulekha Pande

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