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TARAP Drama Review Story so far -Pakistani Drama

TARAP Drama Review Story so far
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TARAP Drama Review Story so far Pakistani Ost Lyrics sung by Khurram Iqbal and directed by Misbah Syed. TARAP Drama Review Story so far cast includes Hiba Qadir , Baber Ali, Beenish Chohan,Faiza Gillani ,Laiba Khan, Lubna Aslam ,Farah Nadir ,Saji Uddin & Others.

TARAP Drama Review Story so far

Pakistani Drama Tarap is currently being aired on Hum Tv.
The main cast:

Hiba Qadir as Zunaira
Baber Ali
Nausheen Shah
Beenish Chohan
Faiza Gillani
Laiba Khan
Lubna Aslam
Farah Nadir
Saji Uddin
Ghazala Butt
Akbar Subhani
Jehanzaib Khan

Written by: Nadeem Siddique
Directed by: Misbah Syed
OST: Khurram Iqbal

Story so far: Latest 2020 Pakistani Drama: Tarap.

Tarap, (Yearning) is a latest Pakistani drama currently being aired on Hum Tv.

It started on March 29, 2020 and so far 4 episodes have been aired..

It’s produced by Babar Javed and MD Productions.

Tarap is a heartbreaking story of a beautiful girl Zunaira (Hiba Qadir), her younger sister Haniya and elder brother Adil (Syed Jibran) who’s a police officer, also he’s totally unbending and non compromising.

He lives by his own rules and tries to make everyone walk by his suggested path.
He’s extremely strict and hard on the family.
He is unsparing to his wife and child as well.
Disobedience is out of the question as far as he’s concerned.

He rules over everyone and nobody’s allowed to go out without his permission.
Zunaira and her sister in law abide by all his rules, so does her maternal grandmother.
Her younger sister Haniya is a rebel who doesn’t like the rules and regulations and does what she wants.

Zunaira likes Faris, who was her previous neighbor, he lives with his elder sister ( Lubna Aslam), their parents are no more.

Faris has a job and is trying for better options. He wants to marry Zunaira and tells his sister, who disapproves of the match due to class difference.

Zunaira has written a book and her friend advices her to go and meet a famous publisher Mr. Laeeq. Who is a sophisticated suave man, who is in love with his wife Faiqa, who is busy in her home and child, which Laeeq doesn’t like, as he wants her affection and attention undivided.

He chides his wife repeatedly and feels attracted towards Zunaira in the first meeting itself.

He’s drawn towards Zunaira and protects her on a false pretext when Adil scolds her when he sees her coming out of the publishing house.

Laeeq’s wife is too busy for him.
He feels lonely.

Zunaira’s grandmother disapproves of everyone doing their own thing.

One fateful day, Adil goes out of town for an official meeting, and grabbing the opportunity, Haniya slips off for a picnic.

Her bus meets with an accident on the way and while all are worried, Adil comes back early.
Everyone is tense and as Adil asks for Haniya, she enters with Faris, who had gone to fetch her.

Adil loses his temper when his wife tries to smoothen things which ends badly as Adil divorces her.

She leaves and Adil keeps the child forcefully and kicks her out.
Everyone is distraught.

Zunaira’s book gets approved and goes to print.
Laeeq gets more attracted towards her.
Adil sends divorce papers to his wife.
She cries and goes to meet her son Fahad who has taken ill.

Adil scolds everyone for allowing her in the house.
Faris proposes to Zunaira and she accepts but his sister goes and insults her twice.
Faris tells his sister that he will only marry Zunaira and no one else.
She feels unhappy but decides to go with the proposal.

The next weeks will show how the story unfolds.

Story So Far: Sulekha Pande

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