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TARAP Drama Review Story so far – Episode: 8

TARAP Drama Review Story so far
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TARAP Drama Review Story so far Pakistani Ost Lyrics sung by Khurram Iqbal and directed by Misbah Syed. TARAP Drama Review Story so far cast includes Hiba Qadir , Baber Ali, Beenish Chohan,Faiza Gillani ,Laiba Khan, Lubna Aslam ,Farah Nadir ,Saji Uddin & Others.

TARAP Drama Review Story so far

Pakistani Drama Tarap is currently being aired on Hum Tv.
The main cast:

Hiba Qadir as Zunaira
Baber Ali
Nausheen Shah
Beenish Chohan
Faiza Gillani
Laiba Khan
Lubna Aslam
Farah Nadir
Saji Uddin
Ghazala Butt
Akbar Subhani
Jehanzaib Khan

Written by: Nadeem Siddique
Directed by: Misbah Syed
OST: Khurram Iqbal

Story so far: Latest 2020 Pakistani Drama: Tarap. Episode: 8

Tarap, (Yearning) is a latest Pakistani drama currently being aired on Hum Tv.

It started on March 29, 2020 and so far 8episodes have been aired..

It’s produced by Babar Javed and MD Productions.

Tarap is a heartbreaking story of a beautiful girl Zunaira (Hiba Qadir), her younger sister Haniya and elder brother Adil (Syed Jibran) who’s a police officer, also he’s totally unbending and non compromising.

He has divorced his wife over a trivial matter and now his young son is living with him, his two sisters and his grandmother.

Adil refuses stubbornly to give his child to his wife, who pines for him, child Fahad is depressed and wants to go to his mother.

Zunaira loves her old neighbor Faris, but Adil declines their marriage proposal, on a flimsy reason, more so puts him in the lock up and gets him beaten up by the constables.

Faris’s sister looks for him everywhere and insults Zunaira too about her brother’s disappearance. She finally goes to Aslam who tells her that Faris is in lock up.

She gets more annoyed and prevents her brother from talking to Zunaira and turns her away from her door.

Laeeq feels more neglected by his wife and broods. He talks to Zunaira on phone and she responds too.
Laeeq calls her out for a meeting.

A mysterious girl enters the life of Adil who tries to help her thinking she’s an innocent and helpless girl.

He goes to her house and meets her father too.
Haniya is attracted to her friend’s cousin and meets him at her sister’s wedding.
Zunaira and her grandmother stay at home looking after Fahad.

Adil breaks the news to his family that he wants to marry that girl.

Laee and his wife Faiqa discuss a trip to Canada and he says he can’t go.
He’s disturbed when she lists her priorities and he’s the last on the list.

He calls Zunaira again to meet him.
She takes her nephew. to the park where she meets Faris who promises to become richer and come to marry her.

Adil tears up the sketch his son makes of his mother.
Adil wants his son to forget her.

The coming weeks will unfold the reality of that girl and many other things.
For the latest updates stay with us.

Story So Far: Sulekha Pande

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