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TARAP Drama Review Story so far - Episode: 10. -
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TARAP Drama Review Story so far – Episode: 10.

TARAP Drama Review Story so far 10
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TARAP Drama Review Story so far Pakistani Ost Lyrics sung by Khurram Iqbal and directed by Misbah Syed. TARAP Drama Review Story so far cast includes Hiba Qadir , Baber Ali, Beenish Chohan,Faiza Gillani ,Laiba Khan, Lubna Aslam ,Farah Nadir ,Saji Uddin & Others.

Story so far: Latest 2020 Pakistani Drama: Tarap. Episode: 10.

Pakistani Drama Tarap is currently being aired on Hum Tv.
The main cast:

Hiba Qadir as Zunaira
Baber Ali
Nausheen Shah
Beenish Chohan
Faiza Gillani
Laiba Khan
Lubna Aslam
Farah Nadir
Saji Uddin
Ghazala Butt
Akbar Subhani
Jehanzaib Khan

Written by: Nadeem Siddique
Directed by: Misbah Syed
OST: Khurram Iqbal

Tarap, (Yearning) is a latest Pakistani drama currently being aired on Hum Tv.

It started on March 29, 2020 and so far 10 episodes have been aired..

It’s produced by Babar Javed and MD Productions.

Tarap is a heartbreaking story of a beautiful girl Zunaira (Hiba Qadir), her younger sister Haniya and elder brother Adil (Syed Jibran) who’s a police officer, also he’s totally unbending and non compromising.

We saw that Adil has divorced his first wife Rabia and has kept his son Fahad with himself, despite of the fact that the child pining for his mother badly.

He goes ahead and marries the shady girl Nida and brings her home.
She’s from a lower middle class background and is rude, ill mannered and scheming.

She tries to take over from the beginning and starts fighting over trivial matters with the family. Everyone is shocked at her behavior and more so when she changes colors very fast when Adil is around.

She pretends to love the child and tries to bully Zunaira who is too scared to say anything.
Her younger sister Hania gets involved with her friend’s cousin Sameer and goes out with him twice.

He tells her that he wants to marry her.
She accepts his expensive gifts.
Laeeq is more distant from his wife, who suspects him of infidelity.

Faris gets the student visa to study in the US and decides to leave.
His sister is heartbroken and tries to dissuade him, but he goes ahead with his plans.
He meets Zunaira in the park and tells her about it.

She’s dejected and cries a lot.
Nida still tries to dominate everyone and spots Hania, her friend and Sameer chatting happily, she tries to poison Adil against his sisters and Hania tells her to back off.

She is very cunning and tries her charms on Adil.
Faris finally leaves and his sister blames Zunaira and her brother.

Laeeq’s wife checks his mobile and finds multiple calls to Zunaira and he takes his mobile from her.

Laeeq offers the post of Sub Editor to her and insists that she takes it.
Their grandmother is dejected with Nida’s behaviour and breaks down.

Hania meets Sameer again and asks him about his intentions and takes a very expensive gold chain from him as a gift.

The coming weeks will unfold what happens next with Hania and Sameer, as Adil finds all the gifts.

Story So Far: Sulekha Pande

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