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Sabat Drama Review Story so far – EPISODE-7

Sabat Drama Review Story so far - EPISODE-7
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Sabat Drama Review Story so far Pakistani Ost Lyrics sung by Ali Sethi and directed by Shehzad Kashmiri. Sabat Drama Review Story so far cast includes Sarah Khan,Usman Mukhtar,Mawra Hocane,Jahanzeb Khan,Ameer Gilani,Seemi Raheel,Syed Muhammad Ahmed & Others.

Pakistani drama story so far: Sabat-TILL EPISODE-7.

The cast of Pakistani drama Sabat:
Sarah Khan
Usman Mukhtar
Mawra Hocane
Jahanzeb Khan
Ameer Gilani
Seemi Raheel
Syed Muhammad Ahmed
Abbas Ashraf Awan
Jaweria Kamran
Leyla Zuberi
Moazzam Ali Khan.

Written by: Kashif Anwar.
Directed by: Shehzad Kashmiri
OST: Ali Sethi.
Produced by: Momina Duraid.
Production House: M.D. Productions.
Drama Sabaat Timings: 8 PM on Sunday at HUM TV,.

Sabat is the story of uncertainties of life. It is a saga of the lesson that nothing lasts forever, everything in this world is transient. Faani.

The currently ongoing Pakistani drama serial Sabat, on Hum Tv, beautifully unfolds the colors of life, emotions and feelings.

Zindagi Paheli Hai
Zindagi Fasana Hai

Geet Gaaye Koi Bhi
Saath Gungunana Hai.

The story progresses gradually. Hasan confesses his love for Anaya and she responds too. They chat on phone which his sister Miraal eavesdrops and gets annoyed.

Anaya’s mother chitchats with her daughter and after a while she recieves a call from the same blackmailer who talks vulgarities and in retaliation, she calls Hasan, meets him and asks for help.

He assures her of help with a contact in the Intelligence Department.
His friend Atif comes to meet Miraal, he’s trying to tattle, while Hasan comes in and is surprised to see him there.

Atif is scared but manages to fabricate a lie.
Hasan meets the contact in the ID, and tells him about it.

Her father meanwhile is very upset over corporate espionage and scolds everyone.
The employee he had fired cones to mock him and warn him

The ID team raids the house of the blackmailer
and all his mobiles and laptops are confiscated. He is arrested too.
Anaya and Hasan burn all evidences.

Anaya tells her mother about Hasan and the impending visit by his parents.
Miraal gets very annoyed at this development and refuses to go.
His parents go to Anaya’s house but his father behaves in utmost rude fashion, tries to belittle them at every point.

Irritated and frustrated Anaya’s father asks them to leave.
Anaya cries and Hasan’s mother apologizes for her husband’s rudeness.

They return and her father and Miraal are very pleased at this.
Miraal is haunted by her grandmother and her voices.
She finds no peace anywhere.
She still tries hard and asks Ali, her fiancé to find a killer for Anaya.

The drama is already a hit and the acting by all is being highly appreciated.

Update written by: Sulekha Pande.

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