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Sabat Drama Review Story so far – EPISODE 5 -
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Sabat Drama Review Story so far – EPISODE 5

Sabat Drama Review Story so far
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Sabat Drama Review Story so far Pakistani Ost Lyrics sung by Ali Sethi and directed by Shehzad Kashmiri. Sabat Drama Review Story so far cast includes Sarah Khan,Usman Mukhtar,Mawra Hocane,Jahanzeb Khan,Ameer Gilani,Seemi Raheel,Syed Muhammad Ahmed & Others.

Sabat Drama Review Story so far

The cast of Pakistani drama Sabat:

Sarah Khan
Usman Mukhtar
Mawra Hocane
Jahanzeb Khan
Ameer Gilani
Seemi Raheel
Syed Muhammad Ahmed
Abbas Ashraf Awan
Jaweria Kamran
Leyla Zuberi
Moazzam Ali Khan.

Written by: Kashif Anwar.
Directed by: Shehzad Kashmiri
OST: Ali Sethi.
Produced by: Momina Duraid.
Production House: M.D. Productions.
Drama Sabaat Timings:

8 PM on Sunday at HUM TV

Zindagi Paheli Hai
Zindagi Fasana Hai

Geet Gaaye Koi Bhi
Saath Gungunana Hai

Sabat is the story of uncertainties of life. It is a saga of the lesson that nothing lasts forever, everything in this world is transient. Faani.

The currently ongoing Pakistani drama serial Sabat, on Hum Tv, beautifully unfolds the colors of life, emotions and feelings.

Be it life, beauty, youth, money, relationships, people…..

The most important lesson that people tend to forget.

It’s the story of a girl, Miraal, who is extremely proud of her father’s money, power and status.
She thinks nothing of anyone else.

Self centered, self obsessed and self pleasing, she’s a control freak.
Her main target is always her younger brother Hassan, who is almost the same.

Proud, vein and full of pride till one day.

One fellow student Anaya beats him in a model making competition and recieves the coveted gold medal. That irks him so much that he smashes her model to the ground and walks away. She goes after him and gives him a piece of her mind. She tells him that he’s nothing without his father’s money.

That jolts him and it starts changing him from within.
He stops using his father’s luxuries and tries to experience life on his own, much to the irritation of his best childhood friend Atif, who is a parasite and a spy of Miraal.

He tattles everything to her and keeps her abreast of the latest happenings in Hassan’s life.
Their mother is a nice lady and lets her children live their lives as per their wishes, but the rudeness of Miraal worries her.
So does her behaviour.

Miraal’s maternal grandmother loves her but she’s always rude with her.
Due to her interfering nature, and Atif’s meddling, one day Miraal goes to the university and slaps Anaya.

That leads to a major fight between the siblings and their grandmother dies of a heart attack due to Miraal’s cutting words.

Miraal chances upon her grandmother’s old fotos and reads her diary and starts imagining her sitting or standing nera her.

She’s very rude with her own fiancé too.

Anaya’s parents are very supportive and love her like a doll. They are comfortably well off, if not as rich as Hassan.

Her father is retired and is doing a job.

Hassan develops feelings for Anaya and innocently confides in Atif, who reports everything to Miraal.

She tries to poison her parents against Anaya but they ignore her warnings.After the exams, Hassan proposes to Anaya and requests her to think about it.

Anaya’s friend Mubeena is being blackmailed by a hooligan and they plan to teach him a lesson.

They plan to meet him in a park and by chance Hassan sees and follows her.

That guy is really mean and tries to molest Anaya but the timely intervention by Hassan saves her but he is shot lightly in the arm.

Miraal is trying again to dissuade her parents from letting Hassan marry Anaya and as he comes they see the bandage on his arm.

He gives a false reason and later talks with Anaya and tells her he loves her and that is overheard by Miraal.

The drama is already a hit and the acting by all is being highly appreciated.

Written by: Sulekha Pande.

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