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Ruswai Drama Review
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Ruswai Drama Review Pakistani Ost Lyrics sung by Ali Tariq and directed by Duniya Ashraf. Ruswai Drama Review cast includes Sana Javed , Mikaal Zulfiqar, Seemi Raheel, Mohmmad Ahmed ,Irsa Ghazal,Usman Peerzada ,Osama Tahir ,Minna Tariq & Others.

Ruswai Drama Review

The cast is as follows. :

Sana Javed as Dr. Sameera
Mikaal Zulfiqar as Captain Salman
Seemi Raheel as Zakiya; Sameera’s mama
Mohmmad Ahmed as Mehmood; Sameera’s father
Irsa Ghazal as Salma; Salman’s mother
Usman Peerzada as Ariz Khan; Salman’s father
Osama Tahir as Hamza; Sameera’s brother
Minna Tariq as Wardah; Salman’s sister
Natalia Awais as Rohina; Sameera’s sister
Sharmeen Ali as Pinky; Salman’s friend
Adnan Jaffar as Dr. Feroze
Tara Mehmood as Dr. Feroze’s deceased brothers wife
Mukhtaran Mai as herself; special appearance
Durdana Butt as Amma
Mustafa Changazi as Sunny

Produced by: Six Sigma Productions.
Directed by: Duniya Ashraf.
Written by: Naila Ansari
Aires on: ARY Digital.
OST: Ali Tariq

Tum ne kehna tha jo bhi
Woh sab kah diya…

Jo sun-na tha mujh ko
Sunnai to de…

Maine maana bahot hai
Mohabbat tumhein hai…

Mohabbat agar hai,
Dikhai to de..

Based on a true gangrape case of a tribal woman Mukhtaran Mai, the recently concluded ARY Digital drama Ruswai, directed by Rubina Ashraf depicted a story of trials and tribulations of a gangrape survivor.

The social stigma, the rejection from the society, friends and family, the trauma and the complete devastation of a simple life.

The lead role was played by Sana Javed who really did full justice to her role, while being supported ably by the rest of the cast and as a non supportive husband Mikal Zulfiqar was really brilliant.
Dr. Sameera and Captain Salman have been in love since childhood, Salman and Sameera’s fathers are old friends with Salman’s father being richer and more successful due to Sameera’s father’s support.

The match doesn’t sit well with Salma, Salman’s mother, who’s a typical socialite and who wants to break the alliance.

With their Nikah ceremony solemnised, and only the Rukhsati to take place, one night Sameera is abducted by 4 goons and is left on the streets the morning after, after being brutally gangraped.

She is brought home and her life changes forever.

Salman tries to understand the situation and tries to deal with it in his own way, but fails miserably, ably supported by his mother in the hope that Salman will leave Sameera.

Traumatized, insulted and unsupported Sameera tries to deal with all at once.
With only her brother to support her, how she finally comes to a closure makes the story of Ruswai.

With a side story of a watta satta thrown in, it also tries to show the repercussions of exchange marriages.

The drama that had started well, went completely awry in the middle, with no hint of a therapy for a trauma victim, no hint of a single session with a psychologist, nothing, with Sameera’s totally unsupportive mother in law and husband with a helpless father in law was a bit much.

A girl who herself is a qualified doctor, breaking down to so much of pressure was sad to watch.

With her brother Hamza treating his own wife, Wardah equally bad in retaliation was not pleasant.

Salman starting an extra marital affair, going haywire and on top of it, his ultra nasty, ultra sophisticated phoney accented mother really took the cake in being irritating.
Wardha and her accents were no less.

The story went completely haywire in the middle with the subject specific plot going the saas bahu saga way.

Though it was garnering a good viewership it left much to desire for.

Somehow or the other, at the end, in the last episode, the loose threads were tied up, with the culprits finally getting caught, brought to light and punished, after the victim is subjected to a personal hell all by herself.

Sana Javed did full justice to her role and so did Mikal Zulfiqar.

The rest of the cast was equally good.
The direction by Rubina Ashraf went haywire in the middle, but the initial and last episodes were good.

It was the character of Salman’s mother Salma by Irsa Ghazal that was scrutinized the most with her fake high society mannerisms with no sympathy for her daughter in law.

Usman Peerzada as Ariz Khan was good and so was Muhammad Ahmed as Sameera’s father, who’s a great artist par none.

Mikal Zulfiqar looks dashing and debonair.
The drama ended on a happy note, albeit it did leave a very bitter after taste of Ruswai.

Adnan Zaffer as Dr. Feroz stood out brilliantly.

The entry of Mukhtaran Mai, the real victim was a great surprise for the viewers.

I’d give the drama 3.5 stars.

Written By Sulekha Pande

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