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MUQADDAR Drama Review Story so far – 10 episodes -
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MUQADDAR Drama Review Story so far – 10 episodes

MUQADDAR Drama Review Story so far
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Muqaddar Drama Review Story so far Pakistani Ost Lyrics sung by Sahir Ali Bagga and Seher Gul and directed by Sheherzade Shaikh. Muqaddar Drama Review Story so far cast includes Faysal Qureshi,Madiha Imam Raima,Ayesha Gul,Ali Ansari,Haroon Shahid,Shameen Khan,Fazila Kaiser & Others.

MUQADDAR Drama Review Story so far

The main cast of Pakistani drama Muqaddar is:

Faysal Qureshi as Saif
Madiha Imam Raima
Ayesha Gul
Ali Ansari
Haroon Shahid as Saad
Shameen Khan
Fazila Kaiser

Written by: Iqbal Bano
Directed by: Sheherzade Shaikh
OST: Sahir Ali Bagga and Seher Gul.

The last episode of Pakistani drama Muqaddar, had ended on a note where Saif and Raima meet the people of his village and distribute food and gifts.

Raina is now Begum Sarkar, a title that’s accorded to the wife who bears the heir.

Taban is her trusted help now and helps Raima to choose the best outfit telling her to dress up like a doll.

Raima is still disturbed and distracted.
Meanwhile Saif’s daughter goes on a date with a small time actor, whose intentions are doubtful.

She accepts his flowers and spends a good time with him.

Raima’s uncle and aunt are still distressed over her disappearance and talk about it.
Haris is still worried about her and constantly insults his neighbor who is in love with him.
Saad tries to talk to Saif about lodging an FIR about Raima but he ignores his pleas and leaves as he watches helplessly.

Saif’s daughter passes her graduation exams and calls him to tell the good news.
He promises to come the next day and his wife thinks about his infidelity.

Saif promises his daughter a grand party as a gift. She also shows her objection about marrying Saad, and is rebuked gently by Saif.
Saif’s daughter thinks she’s in love.

Saif gifts a huge mansion to Raima and tells her that it’s her home from now, she’s unimpressed and calls it a jail with golden bars.
He also gifts her diamond studded bangles.
Raima is finally allowed to go and meer her family, and she does that.

Her uncle and aunt feel happy to see her and try to stop her,but she goes anyway.
She tells them not to tell Haris.

After her return Saif asks her about Haris and she is evasive.
He presses harder and she says, had he been there, she wouldn’t have returned.
He’s mighty annoyed at this.
The episode ends on this note.

The next weeks will unfold the story of Raima’s adjustment and acceptance of Saif.

Article Written by: Sulekha Pande.

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