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Munafiq Drama Review – Pakistani Drama Review

Munafiq Drama Review
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Munafiq Drama Review Pakistani Ost Lyrics sung by Sahir Ali Bagga and directed by Saleem Ghanchi. Munafiq Drama Review cast includes Fatima Effendi, Adeel Chaudhry,Mariyam Nafees , Bilal Qureshi ,Marina Khan,Sajida Syed ,Sabiha Hashmi ,Mehmood Akhtar & Others

Munafiq Drama Review

The cast is as follows:

Fatima Effendi as Ujala ; Armaan’s first wife,Sabiha’s daughter-in-law and Anum, Raza and Zohaib’s sister.
Adeel Chaudhry as Armaan ; Ujala and Sobia’s husband, Sabiha’s only son, a politician.
Mariyam Nafees as Sobia ; Armaan’s second wife.
Bilal Qureshi as Hamza ; Armaan and Sobia’s friend, Ujala’s love interest.
Marina Khan as Sabiha Begum ; A politican,Arman’s mother
Sajida Syed as Zareena ; Ujala, Anum , Raza and Zohaib’s mother.
Sabiha Hashmi as Armaan’s grandmother, Sabiha’s mother-in-law.
Mehmood Akhtar as Ujala, Anum, Raza, and Zohaib’s father.
Agha Talal as Zohaib ; Ujala, Raza, and Anum’s brother.
Hira Ahmed as Anum ; Ujala, Raza and Zohaib’s sister.
Owais Sheikh as Raza ; Ujala,Anum, and Zohaib’s brother.
Seemi Pasha as Shaheen ; Sobia’s mother.
Mizna Waqas as Ramsha ; Hamza’s cousin.
Imran Rizvi as Adeel ; Ramsha’s husband.
Kainat Angel as Noor ; Hamza’s niece.

Written by: Hina Huma Nafees
Directed by: Saleem Ghanchi
OST: Sahir Ali Bagga
Aired on: Geo Entertainment.

Meri wafaon ka sila
Kyun bewafai hai mila
Teri khudai mein khuda
Mera tha jo…
Woh hua juda..

Maan roye roye hai mera
Dil toot kar hai bikhar gaya
Tera ho bhala oh bewafa
Tune dard kaisa hai diyaa..

The rich and the mighty, the people who move in the highest echelons of the society, who live and breathe money, those who just live for themselves, with complete disregard for the people who are lesser.
As the multi layered Title of this serial suggests, “Munafiq”, that conveys it all.

Munafiq, denotes a person who professes in the teachings of high morals, but doesn’t live by them. Who lies,cheats his way through his life.

The drama Munafiq had viewers hooked from the first episode itself.

Wasting no time to introduce and establish the main characters, their basic nature and their beliefs it succeeded in it’s purpose.

Sabiha Begum, played to the hilt by Marina Khan, is a polished politician, a multi millionaire, who in the eyes of the public, is very kind hearted and helpful lady.

In reality she’s cold, calculating and very mean.
Her son Armaan is no less. Rich, spoiled and selfish to the core, he lives only for himself.

Ujala is a middle class girl, a teacher at a posh school, she is pious, lives by her high morals and tries to abide by her values.

Armaan and Ujala’s paths cross as Armaan’s niece studies at the school Ujala teaches at.
One day she calls her uncle Munafiq and he goes to her school to complain.

Later her father who works at the factory Sabiha Begum owns, dies in an unfortunate accident injuring her brother who dies later.

To make matters easier for herself, Sabiha Begum forces Ujala to marry Armaan.

From there, starts her journey towards a different life, different values and the values she’s grown with, her test continues till the end..

So much happens in the fast paced 60 episode drama is a journey of realization.

How she deals with the trials and tribulations, how she deals with his second marriage, how Sabiha Begum is brought down on earth with her son’s demise, to realize the pain of Ujala’s mother of losing her husband and a son, is sometimes painful, sometimes a lesson in morality to watch.

The acting by the entire cast is good. Marina Khan is a seasoned actress who depicts negative characters really well.
Fatima Effendi as Ujala is right for the role. She looks very dignified and principled.
The role suits her.

Aseem Choudhary as Armaan is really good.
Selfish, self centred and arrogant. He’s done full justice to his role.
All the rest have done a good job too.
I’d give this drama 4** stars.

Written By Sulekha Pande

Munafiq Drama Review

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