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Meherposh Drama Review Story so far Upto – Episode 4

Meherposh Drama Review
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Meherposh Drama Review Story so far Pakistani Ost Lyrics sung by Sahir Ali Bagga and directed by Mazhar Moin. Meherposh Drama Review Story so far cast includes Ayeza Khan ,Danish Taimoor, Ali Abbas,Zainab Shabbir ,Sania Saeed,Rehan Sheikh,Ismat Zaidi ,Iffat Rahim & Others.

Meherposh Drama Review Story so far

The cast of Meherposh is as follows:

Ayeza Khan as Mehru
Danish Taimoor as Shah Jahan
Ali Abbas as Naeem
Zainab Shabbir as Ayat
Sania Saeed as Nusrat
Rehan Sheikh as Jahanzaib
Ismat Zaidi as Sakeena
Iffat Rahim as Shakeela
Humera Bano as Kaneez
Syed Ariz as Waqas
Mubsirah Khan as Almas
Iffat Omer as Naeem’s phupho

OST: Sahir Ali Bagga
Written by: Misbah Nausheen
Directed by: Mazhar Moin

Idle gossip, careless talks and mindless banter can inadvertantly ruin an innocent life.
Sadly people don’t understand it.

Geo TV’s latest ongoing drama Meherposh depicts the saga of a beautiful girl Mehru (AyezaKhan) who is a government employee, has a good salary of 40,000 rs and loves her small family to bits.

She’s homely and obedient.
Her parents love her immensely and her younger sister dotes on her.

He father (Rehan Shaikh) is a teacher, who’s very well respected by his students.

One of them being Shahjahan (Danish Taimoor), who is treated like their own son and does their household small chores happily, despite his mother’s constant chiding.

He is a happy go lucky boy who has a secret crush on Mehru, but keeps it to himself.

His trio of friends who have nothing better to do, constantly tease him bahut her, he takes part in the light banter but denies having any feelings.

Mehru’s mangni has taken place with Naeem (Ali Abbas) and Naeem’s mother is happily busy in the preparations of the wedding.

Naeem repeatedly asks his mother to investigate about the family, but his mother’s confidence is unshakable.

Naeem’s aunt Sahkeela (Iffat Rahim) who gets immensely jealous of the match, decides to break it by hook or by crook.

Meanwhile one day Naeem and his mother bump into Mehru and Shahajahan on shopping, though her mother is with them too, it doesn’t sit well with Naeem and he openly enquires about his identity.

The Nikah takes place finally and all’s happy and well but for the idle banter of Shahjahan and his friends which is overheard by the cunning aunt Shakeela, who finding the right opportunity to ruin everything, brings Naeem to eavesdrop and he duly refuses to do the Rukhsati, his mother pleads with him and Mehru is taken home.

With Naeem very angry, his mother gets annoyed with Shakeela who adds fuel to the fire.

Mehru’s father takes I’ll at night and is taken to hospital with the help of Shahjahan, while Naeem goes to his aunt to confirm things.

Mehru is informed about the father’s condition by her sister Ayat and panicking, she calls her mother and later to Shahjehan, which is overheard by Naeem, who divorces her in anger on their wedding night itself

Shocked Mehru is not given a chance to explain anything and cries.

What will happen to her will be revealed in the coming weeks in the Geo Tv dama Meher posh.

The meaning of the word Meherposh is Sealed, Concealed.

The look and treatment of the drama Meherposh is polished and elegant.

Real life couple Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor are in the lead roles and Ali Abbas plays the role of Naeem.

The OST is sung beautifully by Sahir Ali Bagga.
The drama Meherposh is garnering rave reviews and is already a hit, with a superhit drama Meray Pass Tum Ho,
Ayeza Khan is on the top with another hit like Thora Sa Haq under her belt.

Danish Taimoor looks suave and great.
The rest of the cast is very good too.

Written By Sulekha Pande

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