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Jhooti Drama Review
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Jhooti drama Review Pakistani Ost Lyrics sung by Sajjad Ali and directed by Syed Ramish Rizvi. Jhooti drama Review cast includes Iqra Aziz Hussain, Ahmed Ali Butt,Yasir Hussain, Asma Abbas,Tauqeer Nasir,Paras Masroor,Mariyam Nafees ,Madiha Rizvi & Others

Jhooti drama Review

The cast is as follows:

Iqra Aziz Hussain.
Ahmed Ali Butt.
Yasir Hussain.
Asma Abbas.
Tauqeer Nasir.
Paras Masroor.
Mariyam Nafees.
Madiha Rizvi.

Written by: Ali Moeen
Directed by: Syed Ramish Rizvi
OST: Sajjad Ali.

Sazish karoon,
Jhoot kahoon,
Kya kya karoon,
Kya naa karoon,
Dil ne chaha jo hai,
Usko panna to hai,
Jaisi thi main,
Waisi hoon main,
Waisi hi rahoongi,
Jhooti thi main,
jhooti hoon,
Jhooti hi rahoongi…

Compulsive liar, kleptomaniac, scheming, unscrupulous are a few epithets that can be used for the antagonist of the ARY Digital drama lead character, Nirma, played by Iqra Aziz Hussain.
Her character is unbelievable, unbearable and totally does not work with people.
She cheats, lies and works her way to meet her ends everytime.
Belongs to a slightly upper middle class family, Nirma is the youngest of 3 siblings, two elder brothers, their wives and her parents..
While her mother is not oblivious to her shady misdeeds, her father supports her blindly.
She’s selfish to the core and dreams of living the life of the high and mighty, trying to fulfill all her dreams, she tramples over innumerable people.
Nasir who’s besotted with her bewitching beauty sends a marriage proposal to her, and she puts up her weird terms and conditions up.
She demands her Haq Meher in advance and the shop and home to be transferred to her name.
She does marry Nasir and makes his life a living hell..
Demanding all sorts of luxuries and very expensive electronic goods.
All the while, not allowing him to consumate the marriage.
Frustrating everyone around her, she drives them all up a wall.
She’s supported her friend who teaches her every wrong thing possible.
She accuses everyone for torturing her, and throws false allegations at all and sundry.
Her brothers are powerless as her father wrongly supports her.
Her in laws are totally baffled with her misbehaving attitude.
She’s a woman who has no soul.
In due course of time, she meets Ali, who’s a bigger con man than her. Bigger liar and a bigger cheat.
She meets her match in Ali and falls head over heels for him.
How their story of love and deceit shapes up, remains to be seen.
The drama has already garnered a lot of negativity on social media for the misuse of the rights of women and taking disadvantage of religious rights of women.
All are hoping for Nirma to meet her deserved end, waiting with bated breath to see how this story shapes up further.
Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain may end up teaching each other some valuable lessons of life.

Written By Sulekha Pande

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