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Dilruba Drama Update - Episode 8 -
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Dilruba Drama Update – Episode 8

Dilruba Drama Update
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Dilruba Drama update Pakistani Ost Lyrics sung by Nirmal Roy & Shani Arshad and directed by Ali Hasan.Dilruba Drama cast includes Hania Aamir,Shehroz Sabzwari,Mohib Mirza,Nabeel Zuberi,Syed Jibran,Ghana Ali,Zain Afzal & Others.

Dilruba Drama Update

The cast of the Pakistani drama Dil Ruba is:

Hania Aamir as Sanam
Shehroz Sabzwari as Junaid
Mohib Mirza as Sabih Ul Hassan
Nabeel Zuberi as Razi
Syed Jibran
Ghana Ali
Zain Afzal
Khalid Anam as Junaid’s father
Marina Khan as Ghazala
Saad Azhar as Arsalan
Huma Nawab as Junaid’s mother
Shehryar Zaidi
Asad Siddiqui as Ayaz

Written by: Qaisra Hayat
Directed by: Ali Hasan
Produced by: Momina Duraid
Aired on: Hum Tv.

The episode starts with Junaid and his mother, he’s waiting eagerly for his mother to return from Sanam’s home, and starts getting hyper

She tries to hide her disappointment and covers up and tells him that they have asked for more time as he is not settled yet.

He promises to study well and to join his father’s business and actually rushes to do the same and goes to his father’s shop.

Sanam and Razi plan to go for their honeymoon and her aunt feels very happy to see them and bless them.

They go to Sanam’s house where her sister Eram tells her about Junaid. She is flippant about it and doesn’t pay much attention.
They go home and start packing.

Eram’s mother senses something and tells her son to ask Eram’s fiancé to get a good job, else she might break the engagement.
Eran starts crying at this.

She assures her that it’s just a threat.
Junaid’s mother calls and tells her husband about the developments and they decide to keep quiet.

Sanam sends her honeymoon pics to her friends and one of them calls Junaid and breaks the news to a shocked Junaid.

He goes home to confront his mother and attempts suicide in his closed room
They rush him to the hospital where he’s saved but is in a state of shock.

Incidentally Sanam’s aunt injures her foot and they have to rush back to the country, they visit her at the hospital where Junaid’s mother catches her and drags her to his room.

He starts getting hyper at seeing her and Razi listens to everything from the door.

Asad the photographer is plotting a revenge against her too, but promises to keep quiet when his friend requests him.

Sanam’s mother goes to meet Hammad’s parents and convince them to call him back.
Eram is worried about her future.
The episode ends with Razi and Sanam going back home.

The next weeks will unfold all her misdeeds coming out in the open.

Written by: Sulekha Pande

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