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Dilruba Drama Review Story so far – EPISODE 6.

Dilruba Drama Review Story so far
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Dilruba Drama Review Story so far Pakistani Ost Lyrics sung by Nirmal Roy & Shani Arshad and directed by Ali Hasan.Dilruba Drama Review Story so far cast includes Hania Aamir,Shehroz Sabzwari,Mohib Mirza,Nabeel Zuberi,Syed Jibran,Ghana Ali,Zain Afzal & Others.

Dilruba Drama Review Story so far

The cast of the Pakistani drama Dil Ruba is:

Hania Aamir as Sanam
Shehroz Sabzwari as Junaid
Mohib Mirza as Sabih Ul Hassan
Nabeel Zuberi as Razi
Syed Jibran
Ghana Ali
Zain Afzal
Khalid Anam as Junaid’s father
Marina Khan as Ghazala
Saad Azhar as Arsalan
Huma Nawab as Junaid’s mother
Shehryar Zaidi
Asad Siddiqui as Ayaz

Written by: Qaisra Hayat
Directed by: Ali Hasan
Produced by: Momina Duraid
Aired on: Hum Tv.

Dilruba is currently ongoing superhit Pakistani drama which is garnering top ratings and a lot of appreciation for Hania Amir for her lively performance as Sanam.

The story revolves around Sanam, who is a chirpy young girl, very beautiful and totally obsessed with herself.
She is hooked with 3 different men at the same time, one of them is Junaid, the other one is Ayaz, a cunning photographer and her cousin Sabih. Who is totally besotted with her, being much older.
He hesitantly proposes to her and she flirtatiously accepts and he in turn
spends a lot of money on her.

She comes home and enjoys her shopping
While her mother scolds her.

Sabih comes with a pair of gajras and puts them on her wrists and kisses them, which is seen by her elder sister Eram.
She finally tells her mother everything about Sanam.

She scolds her, but Sanam tells her Sabih is too old for her and she’s just flirting.
Sabih overhears this and is heartbroken.

He doesn’t come home and wanders around.
The family prepares for Razi’s wedding.
Sabih cries a lot.

Junaid falls ill and insists to his parents that he wants to marry Sanam.
His mother finally goes and meets her mother with the proposal.

Sanam’s mother is shocked and she calls Sanam out to ask her.
She takes two day’s time to think and Junaid’s mother leaves.

Sanam, her sister and the family returns from Zoya’s home, in utter humiliation.
They are insulted and totally humiliated with chilli powder thrown at them in flower petals and by keeping them standing out.

They are very hurt and they relate everything to Razi.
Zoya asks Razi to tell his mother to apologize and then come with the barat.
He refuses point-blank and breaks his marrige alliance.

The family searches for Sabih who finally comes home and breaks down and tells Razi that it’s over.

The family is distressed and all finally decide to go through with the nikah ceremony albeit with Sanam.

She revolts and refuses to marry Razi, but her mother shits her up and they all try to reason with her and she is left with no option but to agree.

They are married off with the consent of the elders. Sabih to more distressed.

The next weeks will unfold all her misdeeds coming out in the open.
Dil Ruba is currently being aired on Hum Tv.

Written by: Sulekha Pande.

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