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Deewangi Drama Review Synopsis – Pakistani Drama

deewangi drama review
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Deewangi Drama Review  Pakistani Ost Lyrics sung by  Sahir Ali Bagga and directed by Zeeshan Ahmed. Deewangi Drama Review  cast includes Danish Taimoor,Hiba Bukhari,Zoya Nasir, Ismat Zaidi,Mehmood Aslam & Others, .

Deewangi Drama Review

The cast is as follows.

Danish Taimoor as Sultan Durrani
Hiba Bukhari as Nageen
Zoya Nasir as Narmeen
Ismat Zaidi as Bi Jaan
Mehmood Aslam as Narmeen’s father
Ali Abbas as Haroon
Faiza Gillani as Nuzhat, Nageen’s sister
Parveen Akbar as Nuzhat’s mother-in-law
Noor Ul Hasan as Rashid; Nageen’s brother-in-law
Nida Mumtaz as Narmeen’s mother
Humera Bano as Haroon’s mother
Aiza Awan as Haroon’s sister
Anas Ali Imran as Fawad; Sultan’s friend
Fahima Awan as Faryal, Nageen’s colleague
Salma Shaheen as Faryal’s mother

Directed by: Zeeshan Ahmed
Written by: Sadia Akhtar
OST: Sahir Ali Bagga.
Channel: Geo Entertainment.


Pehle tha churaya jo
Ghar tha phir banaya jo
Dil wohi kyun tod bhi diya hai
Dard ye uthaya jo mushkilo se paya jo
Phir usi ko chor bhi diya hai
Laga gale juda kiyaa
Tu ye bata thi kaisi ye deewangi

O bewafa teri deewangi (deewangi)
Haan o bewafa teri deewangi (deewangi)
Haay deewangi (deewangi)

Aansuo me gham mila ke
Tumko mera dil dukha ke
Kya mila hai ye bataa mujhe
Aansuo me gham mila ke
Tumko mera dil dukha ke
Kya mila hai ye bataa mujhe…..

Social status, money, power and education shape up the life of a person. Everything depends upon one’s background and the subsequent choices they make in life. Money and social standards matter a lot.

Deewangi, the currently ongoing drama depicts a heart wrenching story of a lower middle class girl Nigeen who lives with her elder sister Nuzhat, her husband Rashid and her mother in law.

The sisters share a close bond and are willing to do anything for each other. Rashid on the other hand is eager to marry her off to Anwar, a wastrel, drunkard and gambler. Rashid tries to force his wife to agree to the match, meanwhile Nigeen starts working as a Private Bus Hostess, to support her sister and to stand on her own feet.

She faces a lot of harassment but keeps quiet and does her job. She faces unwanted attention, flirtatious men and men trying to get close to her. Which she dislikes,but ignores.

Sultan Durrani, is a multi millionaire scion of a political family, with his family hell bent upon getting him married to his cousin Narmeen, in whom, he has no interest as they are mismatched.

One fateful day he travels by the bus Nigeen is hostessing and falls for her.

After that he starts travelling by bus and later on proposes to Nigeen. She refuses due to the inequality of their social standards.

She is proposed by Sultan again, but she slaps him and their video gets viral on social media by a scheming Narmeen.

Sultan holds a grudge against her, but still forgives her just for the sake of it, not showing his real feelings to her.

They plan to marry, and Nigeen is kidnapped just before the wedding and is returned unharmed, thus losing her reputation in turn. Sultan reveals that it was him who had plotted the entire thing for revenge.

Noreen’s friend Faryal dies due to acid attack by her stalker and a heart broken Nigeen leaves the city to go to Lahore and befriends Haroon and lands up a job as a receptionist.

Haroon works as a reporter in the same company. Nigeen lives with her aunt and Haroon starts liking her.

Sultan and Narmeen lead an unhappily married life and Sultan missed Nigeen a lot.

Meanwhile Haroon proposs to Nigeen.

What happens next is yet to unfold.

Written By Sulekha Pande

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