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Alif Drama Review
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Alif Drama Review Pakistani Drama Review sung by Shuja Haider and Momina Mustehsan and directed by Haseeb Hasan. Alif Drama Review cast includes Hamza Ali Abbasi, Manzar Sehbai Sajal Aly,Kubra Khan, Ahsan Khan,Saleem Mairaj,Osman Khalid Butt, Hina Ashfaq ,Hadi bin Arshad & Others

Alif Drama Review

The cast is as follows:

Hamza Ali Abbasi as Qalb-E-Momin
Manzar Sehbai as Abdul Alaa (Dada Jaan)
Sajal Aly as Momina Sultan
Kubra Khan as Husn-E-Jahan
Ahsan Khan .. Taha Abdul Aala
Saleem Mairaj as Sultan Shah
Osman Khalid Butt as Faisal Khan
Pehlaaj Hassan as Momin in childhood
Fareeha Raza as Aqsa
Musaddiq Malik as Dawood
Sadaf Kanwal as Neha
Shakeel Hussain Khan as Akhter
Yashma Gill[5] as Shelly
Lubna Aslam as Suraiyya
Hina Ashfaq as Tina[6] Hadi bin Arshad as Jahangir
Nida Mumtaz as Mumtaz Begum
Salman Saeed as Abbas
Saife Hassan as Master Ibrahim
George Fulton as Cliff Hector
Fahad Ahmed as Husn-e-Jahan’s brother
Umer Darr as Shakooor
Shuja Haider as Himself (guest appearance)
Arjumand Azhar as Khalid (guest appearance)

Director: Haseeb Hasan.
Writer: Umera Ahmed.
OST: Alif bas harf nahin
Singers: Shuja Haider and Momina Mustehsan.

Nikal pada main par failaye,
Thank gaya hoon dil bajaaye….
Atish lagi, aur tishnagi,
Seena ye mera kyon jalaaye…

What a magnificent story, marvelous canvas and such a golden hued painting like script.
Alif, recently concluded drama series on Geo Tv, that spanned across two countries, Turkey and Pakistan.
Based upon the novel by the same name, Alif, written by Umaira Ahmed, tells the saga of three generations.

The first generation is played by Manzar Sahbai, as Abdul Alaa, aka Dada Jaan, second is Taha Abdul Alaa played by Ahsan Khan and the third is Qalb e Momin, played by Hamza Ali Abbasi.
The other side is Husn e Jahan, played by Kubra Khan, Suraiyya, played by Lubna Aslam, her husband Sultan, played by Saleem Mairaj and Sajal Aly as Momina Sultan.

It’s not a story, it’s a lyrical, almost mythical very very sad journey of people, who are trying to find themselves and the purpose of their lives.
Qalb e Momin is looking for some closures in life, the complicated love story of his parents, his mother a famous actress and his father a sufi dancer.
Who are rejected by his grand father and his unbending ego, changing lives forever.
Abdul Alaa is a calligrapher who’s art is revered around the world, who has not learned to compromise on his values, Taha, caught between love and duty, plus a guilty conscience, a child, trying to fathom where his father is.
On the other hand we have the Sultan family. Momina who is a struggling actress, trying to earn so that her brother Jahangir who is suffering from Leukemia could be treated, her dejected parents, Sultan, who almost worships Husn e Jahan, and a mother who dotes on her son.
Qalb e Momin in present day is a high and mighty director, with very successful commercial movies, challanged by his grandfather to create something close to God.

How he finds his peace and closure, how he finally forgives himself, is a joy to watch.
Momin played by Hamza had such an impact on him that he had announced his retirement from entertainment industry.
The story has layers of every emotion..
Momina who loses her brother to Leukemia, looks devastatingly vulnerable.
The sense of loss, the emotional lethargy, the depression are so beautifully projected.
The love between Momin and Momina is left unrequited, but open ended.
The majestic love story of Taha and Husn e Jahan is such a tragedy.
Husn e Jahan played by Kubra Khan is magnificent.
Ahsan Khan as Taha is simply out of this world.
The helpless and emotionally aloof Momin, who longs to have his lost life back is heart breaking.
The film that he finally completed is called Alif and the story ends on a happy note with the film becoming a superhit.
He gets the story out of his system finally and absolves himself of the demons of his past.
Momin and Momina confess their love for each other, still part ways to get back together later on. Every frame of this drama is a joy to watch.
It’s sheer poetry.
Momina who is an Oscar winner leads her life teaching calligraphy and so does Momin, but in Turkey as per the wishes of Abdul Alaa.
The drama is directed by Haseeb Hasan.

Written By Sulekha Pande

Alif Drama Review

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